Oct. 1 is the last day for students to vote to approve the ASI/Student Center Merger

Today is the last day that Associated Students Inc. (ASI) will hold elections for students to approve the merger between the student government and the Cesar Chavez Student Center (CCSC).

While ASI and the Student Center Governing Board have already voted unanimously to approve the merger, ASI bylaws dictate that every member must vote on a resolution in order to pass. Students who are enrolled in SF State are therefore members of ASI because they pay fees funding student government, and would need to approve the motion to finalize the merger.

In a campus-wide email sent out to all students late Monday night, ASI President Sara Padash encouraged SF State students to participate in the confirmation process by voting on the measure between Sept. 30 to Oct.1.

“Because AS is a membership student body government organization, and you are a member of AS, your Board of Directors are requesting you to exercise your voice during the upcoming Vote to Confirm the Merger of AS and the Cesar Chavez Student Center,” Padash said.

According to ASI, the decision to merge the two entities came after the University refused to renew the CCSC’s operating agreement and lease in October 2013.

A Yes vote on the merger is believed to create several new services while bolstering greater efficiency in informing students of the resources offered on campus, while a No vote would relinquish student control over these service and transfer responsibility for the building back the University.

Hector Hernandez, chair of the Student Center Governing Board, said that while the merger may garner greater student involvement, the board and ASI sped up the process without creating student awareness.

“I feel like it was rushed,” Hernandez said. “I think there should of been more time to target specific students.”

Hernandez said the majority of the proposal process was spent composing the concept rather than reaching out to groups such as commuter students.

Johanna Reyes, member of La Raza student group, said the merger would reflect the values of student organizations and allow students to be more active.

“We really want to have a say in what goes on in the student center,” Reyes said. “The Cesar Chavez is a very important part of life for all students. This is student life. This is where student life actually begins.”

SF State students can cast their vote on the issue online from 9 a.m Sept. 30 to 11:59 p.m Oct.1.