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Steroids era strikes Mixed Martial Arts

Karamel NunezMartinez

November 19, 2019

Everyone's on steroids — at least that is the common assumption about most MMA fighters. It's just a matter of knowing a guy who has that newest developments that can't be pointed out in the test.  As news got around that not e...

Fifth times the charm for Ferguson v Nurmagomedov

Karamel NunezMartinez

October 29, 2019

After Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov submitted Dustin Poirier in the third round at the Ultimate Fight Championship 242 main event, Tony “El CuCuy” Ferguson, the number one lightweight contender, called out Nurmagomedov...

Astronomy society raises question: What happens when Earth dies?

Karamel NunezMartinez

October 22, 2019

SF State helped the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) celebrate its 130th birthday, co-hosting the 2019 ASP: Earth to Space - Celebrating a Century of Astronomy. The ASP, a nonprofit organization founded in 1889 tha...

Student playwright perform Bunraku puppetry

Karamel NunezMartinez

October 15, 2019

“Puppet Show,” an experimental and abstract comedy created by SF State alumna Ai Ebashi and directed by Taylor Wuthrich, is a blend of different styles of Japanese theater with a hefty pinch of existentialism coming to life at the S...

Feeling the ‘Earfquake’

Karamel NunezMartinez

October 15, 2019

The curtains drew as Tyler's newest persona, Igor, stepped onto the stage in a pink and red block colored suit and a blond bob wig. Igor stood center stage as his theme rang throughout the auditorium and kicked off his performa...

Fish farmers work to restore the San Francisco Bay

Karamel NunezMartinez

October 5, 2019

San Francisco's coast and estuary are a vital resource for the water's ecosystem and to the community. The San Francisco Estuary Partnership states that the mix of freshwater and saltwater surrounding the city has created a l...

California’s Fire Season sparks people to question the use of N95 Respirators

Karamel NunezMartinez

October 4, 2019

During last year's big wildfire, I received a lot of scrutiny from friends and relatives since I have asthma. Having a difficult time breathing on a regular day, people were worried to see that I wasn’t wearing a mask or so...

Researchers work to restore the life in the Coral Reefs

Karamel NunezMartinez

September 21, 2019

SF State researchers are working to develop the most effective procedure to grow coral in a nursery and outplant it in the ocean to ensure the survival of this declining species.  Reefs are a crucial element in the survival ...

SF's push for zero plastic

SF’s push for zero plastic

September 12, 2019

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