Feeling the ‘Earfquake’

The curtains drew as Tyler’s newest persona, Igor, stepped onto the stage in a pink and red block colored suit and a blond bob wig. Igor stood center stage as his theme rang throughout the auditorium and kicked off his performance with a piercing scream. 

Tyler, the Creator, performed at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Oct. 9 for his newest album “Igor.” Gold Link and Blood Orange opened the show, each performing a variety of old and new songs they’ve released. 

Igor sporadically danced across the stage, engaged the crowd and sang along to the new album as well as some older tracks such as “Yonkers.” Each song was accompanied by its own line of visual effects. The pyrotechnics for “Who Dat Boy,” only amplified the energy in the auditorium. 

Then “Earfquake” came, calming the arena, allowing the audience to take a breath after Tyler’s hectic flailing and screaming as he played the entire song on piano.

All hype aside, the Igor tour was a visually engaging experience as Tyler put on a full theatrical performance, mesmerizing the crowd while cavorting around on stage from song to song.  

“You could tell he’s just having a fun time up there,” said concert attendee Ann Kim after Tyler finished performing OKRA, “He’s just doin’ whatever and that’s great.”     

 “Igor,” which was released in May, was the artist’s sixth studio album and his first to become number one in the U.S. The album is completely written, produced and arranged by Tyler the Creator himself.

The night before the album’s release, Tyler posted a tweet, “Don’t go into this expecting a rap album. Don’t go into this expecting any album. Just go, jump into. I believe the first listen works best all the way through, no skips. Front to back. No distractions either”   

The album is an experience for each individual listener, to find their own favorite moments throughout the album. Taking a step back from heavy lyrical tracks, “Igor” takes a smoother approach with a string of varying instrumentals and carefully played out transitions in a medley from one song to another.  

“Something about this one [album] was just a lot more fun to play,” an agreed comment from a group of boys wearing blond wigs referring to themselves as the Igors. “We’re always down for the heavier stuff, moshing is always fun but this is a good time.”