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Bus Rapid Transit construction delayed again

Michael Huber

December 13, 2011

San Francisco public transit has hit yet another snag in the road. Originally planned for 2004 and again in 2006, a Bus Rapid Transit system would have brought a high speed bus that functions like a "subway above ground" to ...

Occupy SFSU protesters meet with Corrigan, set up camp

Michael Huber

December 2, 2011

Nearly 150 SF State students attended an Occupy SF State rally yesterday in Malcolm X plaza to protest the coming 9 percent tuition fee hike. What began as a bunch of students chanting and defacing ATMs turned into a legitimate qu...

BART considering discount for frequent riders

Michael Huber

November 15, 2011

San Francisco is a city largely dependent on public transportation. Fare hikes have been the norm lately, but BART is now considering offering discounts to high volume commuters. A new system discussed by the BART Board of Directors would have riders who use the transit system on a daily b...

Financial woes force SF State students to move back in with parents

Michael Huber

November 14, 2011

Many graduating seniors have mixed feelings of excitement and fear with the end of the school year rapidly approaching and the looming question of “what’s next?” hanging over their heads. With unemployment still at 9 percent...

Crossing guards work to keep SF State students safe

Michael Huber

November 8, 2011

As the light turns green, more than 50 students rush past the crossing guard at 19th and Holloway avenues as if she doesn’t even exist. Their minds are too preoccupied with the stresses of the day to come. But this doesn’t stop SF State crossing guard E.J. Pryor from doing her best ...

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