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Life with debt is better than life with no degree

Chase S. Kmec

January 22, 2011

Welcome to another semester at SF State. Only this time, the typical dread of ending the month-long winter holiday and going back to school should be the least of your worries. If you protested rising student fees and the lack...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Board of Supervisors lacks courage

Xpress Staff

December 14, 2010

Time is money. And it seems City Hall has no problem wasting both. With Gavin Newsom now Lt. Gov.-elect, the city charter states that the board of supervisors chooses the new interim mayor. That was five weeks ago...and counting. The board of supervisors once a...

Going under the knife for 15 minutes of fame


December 13, 2010

American audiences are accustomed to enjoying other people's pain as a form of entertainment. Instead of the formulaic sitcoms that dominated through the '90s, television producers are opting for the cheap cast and largely static...

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