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Fall 2017 Editorial Staff

Lauren Hanussak, Editor In Chief, [email protected]

Nicole Ortega, Online Managing Editor, [email protected]

Gracie Ngo, Print Managing Editor, [email protected]

Sarabeth Maney, Photo Editor, [email protected]

Sadie Gribbon, Campus News Editor/Graphic Designer, [email protected]

Ian Williams, City News Editor, [email protected]

Reneé Smith, Sports Editor, [email protected]

Roxy Hernandez, Lifestyle and Culture Editor, [email protected]

Bridget Pocasangre, Multimedia Editor, [email protected]

Shahni Ben-Haim, Social Media Editor, [email protected]

Mason Rockfellow, Art Director, [email protected]

Haley Perry, Copy Editor, [email protected]

Fall 2017 Staff List

Campus News:

Gabriela Cazares-Lopez[email protected]

Christopher Norman Worcest, [email protected]

Lea Fabro[email protected]

Kelsey Matzen, [email protected]

Kelly Rodriguez[email protected]

Carolina Diaz[email protected]

Janel Jackson Oliver[email protected]

Jose Jimenez[email protected]

City News:

Garrett Bergthold, [email protected]

Brian Neumann, [email protected]

Anna Gonzales[email protected]

Savannah Assi[email protected]

Lifestyle & Culture:

Vitta Oliveri, [email protected]

Nikko Avellana[email protected]

Ian Firstenberg, [email protected]

Brandon Lien[email protected]

Carlee Carter[email protected]

Marco Antonio[email protected]

Aria Brock[email protected]

Jacob Tellkamp[email protected]

Gabriel Agurcia[email protected]


Steven Luke, [email protected]

Austin Widger[email protected]

Cesar Lopez[email protected]

Ivan Corona[email protected]

Deveshen Veerasamy[email protected]

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