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Ellie Doyen

Ellie Doyen, Photographer

Ellie Doyen (she/her) is set to graduate this semester with a major in Journalism and a minor in Labor Studies. She would not be able to finish her degree if it weren't for COVID, which she says is bizarre and bittersweet. Right before she moved out of San Francisco, she was an intern at the Examiner and it truly reminded her that she is in the right field. Her partner (slash doggie co-parent) and her just bought a house in Sacramento where she hopes to find a job in journalism after graduating.

She currently works at a camera store which is a merging of what she loves (photography) and what she's good at (selling her soul, bit by bit, day by day). These days, all of her free time is devoted to her dog and home improvement. In the before times, she played a lot more pool in dive-y bars and rode public transit until the end of the line just for fun. Follow her Instagram if you want to see very little (@elliedoyen) and follow her Twitter if you want to know a bit too much (@El_0h_Ellie).

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Ellie Doyen