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Foreign and American fashion: a form of expression

Kemi Ike

May 9, 2018

Fashion can hold many meanings throughout different cultures. For students, it can be used as a way to create a daily identity and to express their very own brand of individuality. Americans constantly try to embrace the latest...

Fashions of Coachella

April 18, 2018

Pop some tags

Aria Brock

December 13, 2017

You walk into a store where everything is in front of you: the prices, the sizes, the same dress in every color. You get exactly what you want –– but the next morning, the person next to you is wearing the exact same thing....

Two blocks of art

Deveshen Veerasamy

October 15, 2017

On Friday, two blocks of Soma’s district held a block party showcasing multiple artists, dancers, and live performers. The showcase was filled with events ranging from a live Samba dance to a giant wall used to highlight me...

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