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Low budget leads to trends

Kyler Knox
A pair of Adidas shoes for $60 at the Vintage thrift store, Wasteland, located on San Francisco’s Haigh Street on Wednesday, Feb.31, 2018 (Kyler Knox/Golden Gate Xpress)

For college students, shopping for clothing isn’t always an ideal choice — especially when money is tight. In San Francisco, there are hundreds of trendy boutiques and clothing stores with the latest apparel and styles that are both pleasing, but expensive.

The Bay Area is a place for people to express their individuality through unique and bright fashion, whether it’s streetwear chic or classic vintage. People often claim a specific style for themselves through their daily outfits that represents how they feel, who they are and who they want to embody. In the city, there’s a store for any style that won’t put a dent in someone’s wallet.

“Clothes that aren’t necessarily “fashionable” are what seems most fashionable to me,” said SF  State freshman Molly Hirsch. “The clothes I tend to get are more unique, and I have less of a chance of wearing the same thing as somebody else to a party.”

Hirsch, 18, said that she shops at the popular clothing store Forever 21, but finds herself stopping at Goodwill and thrift stores for better pieces.

Static is a thrift store in the Haight District that holds many gems, with a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing to choose from.

“We specialize in easy-to-wear vintage, meaning you can take it home without having to fuss with it,” said shop owner Leann Wright. “It’s vintage for everyone.”

Wright, who has co-owned the store for 11 years, is often surprised with how mixed her client base is, stating that entire families and older age groups shop through her store constantly.

A graphic tshirts are hanged at Vintage thrift store Wasteland, located on San Francisco’s Haigh Street on Wednesday, Jan.31, 2018 (Kyler Knox/Golden Gate Express)

The quaint store holds rows and rows of different styles of denim and men’s jackets that could be worn on anyone. Classic vintage dresses decorate the walls and gently-worn designer bags fill glass cases. Static is the type of thrift store where one can come across hidden specialties without effort. If a bargain hunter is looking for vintage designer pieces, this store has plenty of styles. Whether it’s a YSL silk scarf or a Levi’s fur-padded jacket, there’s something for everyone.

Wasteland is a buy/sell thrift store in the Haight that purchases gently-worn clothing from individuals and sells it to their customers. When money is running low, Wasteland is where individuals can sell stylish clothing that’s no longer being used. Split between men and women’s clothing, “We specialize in modern vintage and designer clothing,” said sales associate, Adoray Alonzo.

Alonzo, 23, stated that their customer base is mostly students and people in their late 20’s and 30’s, but they cater to many people with different, unique styles and a keen eye for fashion.

Wasteland has a little bit of everything for everyone. The thrift store started in Berkeley in the 70s and expanded throughout Northern and Southern California.

But it isn’t the only store in San Francisco that will buy unwanted clothing. Thrift stores such as, Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange are also affordable places to pick up or sell a few things when in need of quick cash.

College students on average earn around $5000 to $6000 annually and spend about $69 on clothes each month. Style savvy boutiques around San Francisco may not be the most ideal places to shop for a student, but if a regular clothing store is desired, Brandy Melville’s prices are reasonable especially if stopping by to pick up a few tops.

Brandy Melville is an Los Angeles based store that has made its mark in NorCal with its moderately priced clothing, such as tops starting at just $12. During the summertime, a wide variety of crop tops, short dresses and denim shorts fill the store. In the winter, color-blocked windbreakers, long sleeves and comfy pants decorate their walls and occupy their clothing racks. Brandy Melville is a store with casual looks for each appropriate period of the year.

San Francisco holds many cheap and affordable places for college students to explore. If in need of a well-deserved shopping spree, there is always a place waiting to be discovered, even when money is low.

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Low budget leads to trends