19 Sep 2018

College students need more education with STDs on the rise

Sexually transmitted diseases are at an all-time high and continue to grow each year. And although it can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, students need to take their sexual

14 Feb 2018

Love comes in multiples

Monogamy is a relationship style that is normally practiced by the masses. The stigma behind having multiple partners is on the rise.   The relationship style known as polyamory seems to

15 Nov 2017

FedUp Episode 1: Sex on college campus

FedUp is a podcast on issues that college students face that may not feel comfortable talking about. Created by Golden Gate Xpress reporters, Vitta Oliveri and Aria Brock, they delve

15 Feb 2017

Let’s Get Deep: Deconstructing virginity

I had sex for the first time when I was 14. I was young, scared and lacked the knowledge mothers often pass down to their daughters. He told me if

10 Feb 2017

Go ahead, call me a slut

Recognizing your sexual identity can be a liberating moment in life. But all too often young women are demonized by a dirty four-letter word we all know way too well:

08 Feb 2017

Let’s Get Deep: Beginners guide to BDSM

I have never been a person to pull out all the stops for Valentine’s Day. The most I have ever done to celebrate the holiday is wait for the discount

14 Nov 2016

Career fair normalizes work in the sex industry

Dildos, pornography videos, self help sex books, goodie bags filled with condoms and lube lined the table at the entrance of the eighth annual Sexuality Career Fair. Hosted by the

09 Feb 2016

Shaming men for anal stimulation promotes inequality and homophobia

Anal sex isn’t anything new, and, regardless of sexual orientation, many men aren’t afraid of a little backdoor action from time to time. We’ve seen various references to butt exploration in

03 Feb 2016

Keep your moans to a murmur

I get it. Noisy sex gets you off. Maybe all the moaning turns you on. Maybe it’s the thought that someone might be listening. But some of us have 8

30 Nov 2015

Being a virgin in your 20s is nothing to be ashamed of

While everyone is Netflix and chilling, bumping uglies and sliding into DMs, I’m keeping my cherry in tact. I’m 21 years old and still a virgin, and I really haven’t

07 Oct 2015

Female masturbation isn’t a sin; it empowers women

The girls I’ve befriended over the years discuss practically every detail about their sex lives. They compare the size of their boyfriend’s penises, the number of partners they’ve slept with, who

12 Mar 2015

Students respond to 50 Shades of Grey hype

For SF State freshman Ariana Fletcher, bondage/discipline/sadism/masochism is more than a trend brought on by the new film “Fifty Shades of Grey”. BDSM is her sex life. Though the controversial

05 Nov 2013

Penis size matters, but so do erogenous zones

Graphic by Holly Nall It’s a question that has plagued the sexes for thousands of years since the first phallic images appeared: Does penis size matter? Depending on whom you

05 Nov 2013

Modern statistics prove anyone can be a ‘slut’

While not quite in the double digits, the number of people I’ve slept with is relatively high for my age and gender. My name is Kristen Martz and I’m a

12 May 2013

Rediscovering sex on the first stretches of sobriety

Soon after the dope sickness, the anger and the depression, my cravings to use drugs slowly began to disappear. Without drugs and alcohol, I faced a whole new set of

30 Jan 2013

THE SWAMP: Sex On Campus

In the backrooms, bathrooms, and on the rooftops, SF State students are gettin’ down on campus like there is no (job) tomorrow. On the third floor of the humanities building