29 Oct 2013

Veganism is a lifestyle rooted in compassion, not aggression

I have a terrible secret, a fact about myself that I don’t share with most people until I know them well. I like animals, I do my part to reduce

14 May 2013

Constant computer use results in health risks

Students everywhere are doing it: at home, at work and on campus. Unsafe practice can result in chronic pain, exhaustion and even disease. Many are not aware of the risks,

01 Apr 2013

Mixed relationships offer diversity

My boyfriend is full of surprises. He’s equal parts rock star, Prince Charming and a ridiculous nerd. He treats me like a queen, even though I repeatedly insist otherwise, and makes

01 Apr 2013

Speed networking event connects job seekers, professionals

Representatives from 20 companies gathered to talk shop with budding young professionals March 19, as the College of Business held its third-annual speed networking event in Jack Adams Hall at

28 Feb 2013

'Drunkorexia' spreads influence, affects students' health

College students are no strangers to foregoing food. Eating takes time and money, two things students are almost always short on. But some students are going to extreme lengths to

15 Feb 2013

Restrictive dieters split on campus food options

SF State serves up a variety of dining options, but for students who are on restrictive diets, grabbing a meal on campus can be a challenge. Not to be confused

12 Feb 2013

Self-defense teacher strikes confidence, empowers students

Judith Fein’s small stature and casual demeanor may give the appearance of a gentle woman, but make no mistake, as the cliché goes, there’s more to Fein than what meets