11 Dec 2015

Gospel choir cultivates community

The large classroom echoes with the sound of students being welcomed into Jack Adams Hall, until they quiet down and fix their gazes on their professor. Choir instructor Ja Ronn Thompson walks onto

16 Nov 2015

Students create human banner to celebrate centennial anniversary

Draped in blazing colors of orange and red to match the Golden Gate Bridge behind them, a crowd of more than 200 people formed a human sign reading “100!” at

16 Nov 2015

#Prayforparis debate steers away from the real issues

Browsing through the familiar blue-lined Facebook icon, I perused the daily newsfeed on my iPhone. There, I observed a new trend that was littered throughout the daily feed: dueling hashtags of

06 Nov 2015

Charity focuses on rebuilding homes destroyed in natural disasters

The top 90’s hits bumped through a dimly lit bar as a face painter skillfully traced over student’s faces. The Day-of-the-Dead-themed All Hands fundraiser dedicated the event to victims of Hurricane

03 Nov 2015

Women should not be fearful of weight lifting

The repetitive thud of footsteps echoes throughout the cardio room in SF State’s Village Fitness Center. A group of girls run on the treadmill, all wearing the same grim expression

20 Oct 2015

SF State students find safety in gym

Small beads of sweat gather on the forehead of sophomore Uwaila Aigbovo as she works on her weighted squats. Even though she is uncomfortable, Aigbovo said she would rather bear the

22 Sep 2015

Spilled ink: students share tattoo stories

[slideshow_deploy id=’67689′] Twisting lines of blue ink wrap around a pale thigh to form dark waves. Further down the tattooed leg lurks a hammerhead shark, peeping almost coyly out from

21 Sep 2015

SF State should nix calorie-fad and eat natural

[media-credit name=”(Harlan Frost / Xpress)” align=”alignright” width=”725″][/media-credit] The crinkle of a Nabisco snack draws my attention as I zero in on the woman sitting two desks across from me. My

09 Sep 2015

Experimental percussion ensemble faces termination

Scattered around the room of SF State’s percussion ensemble class, everyday objects are tapped and beaten to create musical cadence. While traditional instruments, ranging from acoustic guitars to drums are used, unusual tools

02 Sep 2015

Guitarist plays on heartstrings

“Where words fail, music speaks,” is the quote Sean Thompson, 22, lives by. Thompson, an SF State music major with an emphasis in composition, said he was excited about his