01 Feb 2018

The rare Super Blue Blood Moon made its first appearance in North America since 1866.

Yesterday, many around the nation started their mornings earlier than usual. Early morning, on January 31, the Super Blue Blood Moon occurred. While a supermoon, blue moon and total lunar

04 Mar 2015

Out of this World: Alumna in the running for one-way trip to Mars

When SF State alumna Kenya Armbrister was 10 years old, her father asked her if she would travel to outer space if given the opportunity. Without hesitation, she responded with a

04 Feb 2014

Astronomy professor discovers planet outside Solar System

Dr. Stephen Kane, assistant professor in the physics and astronomy department, has discovered approximately 50 different planets and recently discovered an exoplanet outside of the Solar System. Photo by Tony

29 Jan 2014

SF State professor selected as a candidate for Mars One in 2024

Jan Millsapps, a cinema professor at SF State, is one of 1,058 candidates chosen by the spaceflight project Mars One to take a one-way trip to Mars in 2024. Photo