PHOTOS: Waka Flocka Flame enraptures roaring crowd at The Depot

More than 200 students tried to cram themselves into The Depot to get a glimpse of Southern hip-hop sensation, Waka Flocka Flame, today.


The meet and greet, organized by SF State’s radio station, KSFS, was an hour-long affair that consisted of an interview with Flame by KSFS’s radio promotions director, Michael Payton, along with opportunities for fans to get an autograph and their picture taken with the famous rapper.

During the interview, Flame dispensed love advice, talked about the Bay Area, and most importantly, talked about his most recent album, “Triple F: Fans, Friends & Family.”

The rambunctious but friendly crowd even handed up gifts to Waka during the interview, including a rolled marijuana cigarette and a beer from the nearby pub, which Waka graciously accepted.

One of these people in the crowd was junior cinema major, Elliott Cook.

“I’m mostly an indie rock fan, but Waka Flocka’s music gets me energized, and he says what’s on his mind whether people agree or not,” Cook said. “I also don’t have a class until 7 p.m., so I thought I should see him while I’m waiting around.”

Waka is known worldwide for his laid-back rapping style and down-tempo party anthems, but he says the name of his newest album is inspired by the people in his life who motivated him to record the album in the first place: fans, friends and family.

“I rap to have fun, to have a good time,” Flame said. “But it’s all about friends, fans and family. They’re everything.”

The massive crowd overwhelmed the tiny venue, and organizers struggled to herd the audience into a safer formation to allow people to pass through the stiffing mass of people. Many in the audience were confused by the directions given by staff, with some audience members calling out, “Tell us what to do!,” in frustration.

“I saw about it on Facebook, but I thought it was fake,” freshman Anika Carter said. “I didn’t believe he was coming until I saw him. It was great.”

As the interview winded down, Payton asked a round of questions called “salute it or shoot it,” where Flame either approved (saluted it) or disapproved (shot it) of a concept.

When asked, “Is it all right to bring your girl to the club?” Flame said “both.”

His reason?

“If you can’t go everywhere with your girl, that ain’t your girl,” Flame said.

Waka Flocka Flame is scheduled to play Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. at The Fillmore, a San Francisco venue.

By Erin Dage and Sean Reichhold