Troye Sivan: Bloom review


Courtesy of EMI Records

It’s been three years since Troye Sivan dropped his debut album, “Blue Neighborhood,” that told a story of a young queer boy yearning for love and somewhere to belong. It’s a different story now for Sivan, who isn’t afraid to share his truth and love bites with his lover.

The Australian singer-songwriter started his career making videos in his bedroom for YouTube, where he came out to the world. Sivan, 23, went from a shy and anxious teenager to a young man who’s confident in who he is.

His newly released album, “Bloom,” is a 10-track collection of pop songs that lacks the anguish from his first album and shares newfound confidence in his sexual freedom. There are no awkward moments with his lover or the innocence of just wanting to hold hands. This third album embodies maturity and explores his relationship, desire and lust.

“Bloom” starts off with the opening track “Seventeen,” which illustrates his experience with an older man who stated that age is just a number. The second track “My My My!” is about being in love and its pure joy. “The Good Side” is slowed down with a guitar and narrates a past relationship that was innocent to him. This song does pull at your heartstrings.

The album’s title track “Bloom” is not about flowers blooming, but about losing his virginity. This song is a perfect example of the sexual metaphors and naughty imagery throughout the album. The singer talks about his body being a garden and how his lover was the right choice.

Sivan’s fifth track “Postcard (feat Gordi)” greets fans with a strong piano ballad and Sivan’s light but strong vocals. Gordi brings a unique style to the track and creates a haunting vibe that tells the story of being frustrated with your partner who isn’t perfect. The lyrics explain unrequited love and this heartfelt ballad gives fans an honest look into his private life.

The duet between Ariana Grande and Sivan on “Dance to This” has sensual vocals and heavy breathing. The two did not disappoint with this mellow dance track. “Plum” is an upbeat breakup song that shows darker emotions behind the up and downs of a relationship.

“What a Heavenly Way to Die” is a slowed-down bop about his current relationship. This is just another song that allows people to see inside his private relationship.

“Lucky Strike” might be his best love song yet. This pop song is easy-going that has the lyrics ‘my boy like a queen/unlike one you’ve ever seen.’ The nearly 5-minute song “Animal” is an emotional confession about the love he has for his boyfriend.

Sivan expresses himself with dance beats and shares with his fans the message of positivity when it comes to freedom, love and sexuality. Sivan’s anthem of being in love is mostly paired with melodic dance and bittersweet beats that anyone can move to. Bloom shows a new light to Sivan through his personal journey and truth.