Women Gators Start Season with Draw in Denver


The women’s soccer team traveled over 1,250 miles for their opening season game against the Regis Rangers in Denver, resulting in a 1–1 draw. 

Going in, head coach Brittany Cameron wanted to bring the ideology that the distance traveled shouldn’t affect the team. “It’s the same game we play every day, one ball [and] two goals We have great core team principles that the team has set in place to be successful,” Cameron said.

The Rangers scored first at the 37th minute with a goal from Carly Bych. The equalizer from the Gators came at the 56th minute from Matilda Cassel Ledin, a junior and international relations major. 

(Matilda Cassel Ledin, photo courtesy of Christine Jacobsen)

SF State showed persistence throughout the course of the game, taking a total of seven shots and two corner kicks. Cameron said she felt “great about starting off” and that the “team has been coming together.”

Cameron, a former professional goalkeeper and University of San Diego graduate, joined the women’s soccer staff in spring 2018, and was promoted to head coach in June. 

The Gators had one day of rest in Colorado and then had their next game on Sunday against the Colorado School of Mines, 13 miles west in Golden, Colorado. The Gators fought hard at Stermole Soccer Stadium but lost 2-0.

“Expectations for the season are to be the best team we can,” Cameron said. “People have underestimated us, [and] that’s perfectly fine with us.”

SF State looks to bounce back with their first win of the season against home city rival, San Francisco’s Academy of Art Sept. 11.