SF State to unveil carbon emissions dashboard this winter

Juan Carlos Lara

University pushes towards carbon neutrality despite a lack of overall plan


SF State remains more than a decade ahead of schedule for its Climate Action Plan, continuing to make progress in sustainability and limiting emissions. 

In 2010, SF State President Robert Corrigan signed a Climate Action Plan, vowing to decrease the university’s emissions 25% (relative to 1990 levels) by 2020 and 40% by 2030. 

“We have surpassed both goals as of 2015. I am excited to say that we are rolling out a greenhouse gas emissions dashboard this Winter and it will be available for everyone to see at our website,” said Caitlin Steele, director of sustainability and energy. 

The dashboard will serve as a tool to illustrate for the campus community where our emissions come from. It also intends to “impact of sustainability projects like energy upgrades or purchasing cleaner energy sources,” said Nick Kordesch, sustainability and transportation project manager. 

Recently, the university’s facilities team replaced all of their vehicles with electric alternatives. The Grounds Shop also recently implemented CalSense, a more efficient water irrigation system, according to Steele. 

According to Kordesch, SF State is currently involved in developing a carbon neutrality date for the entire CSU system.