Crime Blotter: Burglary Bender

The SF State University Police Department (UPD) received 20 burglary reports since the semester began, more than half of all reports in 2018. 

Of the 20 reports, the majority were vehicle burglaries and just under half of all reports came from Lot 25. Aside from Lot 25, no other area on campus has been the scene of more than two burglaries this semester. 

On the afternoon of Aug. 31, the Saturday after the first week of class, six vehicle burglaries were simultaneously reported on Lot 25. Total losses and damages resulting from the six burglaries were valued at $2,135, according to Lt. Dave Rodriguez. 

Twelve of the burglaries this semester are the subjects of ongoing investigations and the rest of the cases were suspended. At least one of those suspensions, according to Lt. Rodriguez, resulted from the victim lacking interest in pressing charges. No charges have been filed for any of these burglaries. 

Thirty-eight total burglaries occurred in 2018, meaning that if the rate of burglaries continues though the end of the year, the fall 2019 semester could see more burglaries than all of 2018.