SFSU let’s build some community!

With so many different and unique clubs on campus, there is something for everyone to be involved in aside from just being a student at SF State. 

SFSU has been known to be a commuter school, the downfall with this is the lack of community within the campus because so many students simply come to school for class and leave right after that. 

The perk of living on campus at least your first year is that students are able to build better close-knit friendships that their classes may not allow because they do change every semester. 

There are many reasons why having an activity outside of school and work is important. Having a community on campus can offer networking and even job opportunities in the future. Many of the clubs on campus offer a safe place for students to come together with something they all have in common. 

“when I moved to San Francisco, I was very shy; I’m still shy. But joining, made me learn a lot about myself,” Hailey Hernandez, a sister of Alpha Pi Sigma, said. “I learned that I am capable of doing more than I set my mind to.”

There have been many positives that come out of students engaging on campus. Not only does this teach students people talking skills but also teaches them how to build a community outside of their family. Often times clubs become a safe haven for many students, a place where they can authentically be themselves without fear of judgment. 

Hernandez says her organization offers support to the girls in it because many of their members are from southern California and having these genuine relationships prevents many of them from moving back home and stay in school. 

SFSU has a plethora of clubs that offer at least something for everyone. Whether it be robotics or the spiritually occult they have it all.