Paperless parking at SFSU

Emily Cardenas

SF State will be eliminating all physical parking permits beginning Feb. 1, according to Reginald Parson, Interim Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police. 

In a campus-wide email, Parson discussed how these virtual permits will allow Parking and Transportation to cut back on waste. These permits will also support “the University’s sustainability initiative while making purchasing parking permits more convenient, efficient, and cost effective.”

“This sounds great, going paperless, saving waste,” said Christian Gomez, a commuting senior at SF State. “However, I am skeptical how this will be enforced. Will they have increased patrols constantly checking each car’s plates?”

Pre-paid permits for the semester are available by going to the Parking & Transportation Office or by visiting their website, Pricing will not change due to the virtual permit. Students using both pre-paid and daily permits will register their license plate, then park in predetermined lots with their license plates functioning as their virtual parking permits.

“This will save students time since there is no need for them to go back to their cars to display the permit,” said Director of Operations and Finance for Parking and Transportation, Joy Manaois. 

According to Joy Manaois,Director of Operations and Finance for Parking and Transportation will save $19,000 annually–$12,000 for permit tags and $7,000 for paper rolls that are used in the permit machines. An average 15 rolls of paper are used per month but with the virtual permit, there will be no need for paper permits to be printed out and put on display. 

The university will eventually release an app to purchase permits, according to Parson.