Fall campus crimes recap

Juan Carlos Lara

Since 2020 began, the University Police Department has received 33 crime reports, an average of approximately one per day. Before we begin reporting the scores of crimes that will occur this semester, we’d like to take a look back at all the crimes that occurred on campus last semester. 


In total, the Fall 2019 semester contained 137 reports. Of those cases, only 19 led to arrests. Four cases were deemed unfounded and another four ended with alternatives to arrest, such as a referral to the university. The remaining 80% of cases remain unsolved. 


“Many of these crimes are typically ‘cold crimes’ meaning they are reported after the fact where a suspect may not be known or not seen in the act and as such, those crimes are harder to apprehend someone for,” said Robert Quimbo, the dispatch and records supervisor for UPD.  


Per usual, the most common type of crime was property crime, with approximately 60% of all cases being thefts or burglaries. The primary difference between theft and burglary is that burglary entails entering a structure (such as a home or car) with the intent of stealing whereas theft occurs in public areas. 


Lot 25 contained half of all vehicle burglaries, making it the most common place for crime on campus last semester, followed by the Mashouf Wellness Center. 


In general, crime rates went up from the previous spring semester, according to spring semester crime stats provided by Quimbo. Thefts almost doubled, while vehicle break-ins nearly tripled. 


Violent crime is generally not common at SF State, but a few notable incidents shook the campus last semester, including two bomb threats- one that led to UPD evacuating the library, the other led to an evacuation of the entire campus.