When boredom strikes: what you can do online during the shelter in place

Shelter-in-place has halted all nonessential movement, business or otherwise, but some outlets have found a way to persist. If you’re bored being stuck at home here are 12 things you can do for free while sheltering-in-place.

  1. Relieve some stress by watching live cams of puppies, kittens, and cats explore and play provided by the San Francisco SPCA.
  2. Visit the home of the renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. “The Blue House” Frida Kahlo Museum is offering virtual tours where one can explore the home of Frida Kahlo.
  3. Explore the world of arts with Google Arts & Culture as they provide various virtual renditions of artistically and historically significant international locations and institutions.
  4.  Learn about the history of San Francisco with Shaping San Francisco, which offers a multitude of historical tours exploring different facets of San Francisco’s past. The tours provided include historical essays and photographs along with occasional footage.
  5. Expand your library with Audible. For as long as schools remain closed, Audible will allow select books to be streamed for free. Available to listen on phones, desktops, and tablets.
  6. Take an Ivy League course for free online. Ivy League schools are now offering over 400 free online courses for various subjects.
  7. Learn ballet via Instagram and YouTube with the San Jose New Ballet. Classes are free of charge, but donations are greatly appreciated. Past classes are posted onto the New Ballet’s YouTube channel for public enjoyment.
  8. Watch a free “Live in HD” show at the New York Metropolitan Opera. Each night a different show is made available for free and is available for a period of 23 hours. The schedule of their nightly performance is made available online.
  9. Manny’s, a San Francisco hybrid venue, will be hosting a month-long live online speaker series of over 100 civic conversations from drag queens to politicians.
  10. The Winchester Mystery House is hosting scheduled free live tours via Facebook and now provides a free video tour online.
  11. Sling TV is now offering “Stay in and SLING” which provides thousands of shows and movies for free with no sign-up needed.
  12. If you’re not quarantined with your boo don’t worry, Pornhub is now offering free premium content to encourage others to stay home and flatten the curve dubbing their efforts under the moniker “Stayhomehub”.