Do you think immigrants living in California should have access to financial aid?

Jerry Brown has a big decision to make. The California State Assembly approved the second part of a two-bill package, more commonly known as the California Dream Act, which is now awaiting the governor’s signature before it can be signed into law. The Dream Act will enable undocumented students to pursue higher education.

SFSU student
Eli Powelson, 21, thinks hardworking Californians who seek better education deserve financial aid, despite where they're originally from. Photo by Gregory Moreno.

“I think anybody living in the state of California should be entitled to financial aid. If you come here and work hard, and you’re a full time student, and you come here because the education system in your own country is not working out for you, there’s no reason why we should say these people get the aid and these people don’t. Just because they’re from Mexico instead of Southern California, I don’t see why it should make a difference whatsoever.” Eli Powelson, 21, senior, history.

SFSU student
Fatuma Kitenge, 23, says that everyone has the right to financial aid. Photo by Gregory Moreno.

“I think everyone has the right to financial aid.” Fatuma Kitenge, 23, senior, Africana studies.

SFSU student
Michael Andrews, 42, believes that serious students deserve a shot at education. Photo by Gregory Moreno.

“I think if they’re here and they’re serious students they deserve an opportunity for an education.” Michael Andrews, 42, graduate student, TESOL.

SFSU student
Phillip Ona, 20, thinks that those who contribute to the economy are deserving of financial aid. Photo by Gregory Moreno.

“I wouldn’t really care if someone got financial aid as long as they’re deserving of it. In the end, they’re going to contribute to our economy, so why not give them financial aid?” Phillip Ona, 20, sophomore, kinesiology.

SFSU student
Mayela Saldana, 23, thinks that those determined to go to school should receive assistance to do so. Photo by Gregory Moreno.

“If the students show that they really do want to go to school, I think the state should help them financially.” Mayela Saldana, 23, senior, international relations.

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