Emotionally Enabled : Episode 1



The quarantine in response to COVID-19 has affected many people in many different ways. During this time of great loss, people are experiencing new ways of grieving. On “Emotionally Enabled,” hosts Emily Cardenas and Nina Torres help navigate through this time in our lives. In this episode, guest Poppy Gallegos-Zingarelli, an Urban Diné person whose people on the Navajo Reservation are severely impacted by COVID-19, speaks with our hosts about their experiences and how Indigenous communities are some of the hardest hit by the virus.

The resources listed below can help identify what healthy signs of grieving are, and a poem about grief itself from Button Poetry Live in Minnesota. Dealing with emotions doesn’t always have to be lonely — Emotionally Enabled is here to help people find support during these times.

Psychology of Grief

Science of Grief

Coping With Grief in Different Cultures

Religious and Cultural Grieving Practices (General)

Poem on Grief (Includes references to self-harm and suicide)