The Happy Hour episode 7: PROP TALK

Welcome back to the Happy Hour!

This week has been a doozy, to say the least – it feels like it will never end! On today’s episode, hosts Malakai and shaylyn are joined by Xpress Social Media Editor Olivia Wynkoop to talk about which California proposition results made us happy and which show us the way forward. 

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Thank you to Arman Billimoria for our theme music. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this election week episode. The Happy Hour Podcast is produced in collaboration with Golden Gate Xpress Newspaper and Xpress Magazine at SF State.

Golden Gate Xpress CA Ballot Measure Voting Guide


Reference Material and Background Info:

California proposition results favor corporate funded legislation, voting rights for parolees (link)

California youth seek to overturn aged-out voting statute (link)

Drivers brake on supporting Proposition 22 (link)

Incarcerated firefighter shares experiences as a first responder at San Quentin State Prison (link)

Prop. 25, which would have abolished California’s cash bail system, is rejected by voters (link)

KQED Election 2020 California Voter Guide (link)