03 Dec 2013

World AIDS Day at SF State draws small crowd

[set_id=72157638339215874] Red pins exploded across campus Tuesday as SF State celebrated the 25th annual World AIDS Day with free HIV testing and presentations about getting tested, safe sex and culturally competent

10 Nov 2013

Ex-con teaches prison reform class at SF State

From cocaine trafficking to prison to teaching, Michael Santos, a newly hired criminal justice lecturer, offers SF State students an insider’s perspective on the prison system through his class, The

05 Nov 2013

Penis size matters, but so do erogenous zones

Graphic by Holly Nall It’s a question that has plagued the sexes for thousands of years since the first phallic images appeared: Does penis size matter? Depending on whom you

29 Oct 2013

Male students walk campus in heels to educate on sexual violence

[set_id=7215763710764677] Last Tuesday, groups of male students put a new spin on the phrase “walk a mile in her shoes,” as they walked campus in high heels to teach students

23 Oct 2013

UPD awaits Taser approval from President Wong

At a party last fall in Redwood City, a fight over drugs broke out. Officers arrived at the scene and SF State student Daniel Atwood decided to make a run

22 Oct 2013

Don’t let college love eclipse your post-graduate ambitions

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta Upon entering college, I was determined to graduate in three years, move back to Los Angeles, and become a glorious success. But those plans came to

01 Oct 2013

SF State health center stops TB testing temporarily

Many SF State students, like nursing major Kana Thompson, undergo tuberculosis testing as a requirement for jobs and class programs. However, the SF State Student Health Center placed a temporary freeze on

25 Sep 2013

Taser program standardization stretches statewide for CSU police

While campus police officers across California use pepper spray, guns, handcuffs and batons; SF State’s University Police Department officials propose another tool be added to their utility belt — the

17 Sep 2013

University police begin Taser training

University Police Department officers patrolling the campus and surrounding areas may soon carry electroshock weapons. These devices, commonly known by the brand name, Taser, are designed to generate an electric

10 Sep 2013

SF State professor runs for 2014 Oakland mayor

[set_id=72157635475036524] SF State professor Joe Tuman announced last July his plan to run for Oakland city mayor for the second time in the 2014 election. His second bid for mayor

04 Sep 2013

SF State offers healthy options for a college lifestyle

[set_id=72157635373999906] Many students are faced with the challenge of staying healthy on a college campus, a struggle that often involves weight gain, stress and loss of sleep — but by taking

03 Sep 2013

Campus health center connects students with free HPV vaccines

This semester, the SF State Student Health Center is partnering with a pharmaceutical company to provide students with free GARDASIL, a vaccine that protects against the human papillomavirus or HPV,