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Muni train derails near SF State, causing delays

Jordan Vail

February 12, 2016

A Muni train carrying six passengers derailed Friday morning on 19th Avenue near SF State, leading to a temporary shutdown of the station. “No one was injured in the M train derailment at the Muni stop at 19th and Holloway...

Faculty strike looms over April

Joey Reams

February 8, 2016

The California Faculty Association announced the dates of a system-wide faculty strike on Monday at a press conference in Sacramento. Jennifer Eagan, the CFA president, said that the CFA board of directors determined the dates...

News isn’t the place for celebrity gossip

Julia Middlemiss

February 22, 2014

With the era of ever-expanding technology among us, media outlets are everywhere we look. They continue to feed us more information, whether we want it or not. However, with great power comes great responsibility and those with...

9/8-9/14 Syria, deans, Palestine and fossil fuels

Andrew Cullen

September 10, 2013

Open forum on post 9/11 and current Syria By Andrew Cullen Today, SF State will host the 12th Annual Jules Tygiel Memorial Forum on Post 9/11 World Affairs, a continuing forum that brings together SF State professors to d...

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