Muni train derails near SF State, causing delays

A Muni train carrying six passengers derailed Friday morning on 19th Avenue near SF State, leading to a temporary shutdown of the station.

“No one was injured in the M train derailment at the Muni stop at 19th and Holloway avenues,” said San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency spokesman Paul Rose.

It’s still unclear how the derailment happened, but photos of the train off its tracks are circulating social media.

The 6:20 a.m. derailment is causing delays on the M-Ocean View and K-Ingleside train lines, according to the SFMTA twitter page.

The SFMTA is running replacement shuttles between the Phelan Loop, near City College of San Francisco and West Portal, where other trains can be caught for M-Ocean View commuters to go downtown.

“Riders in the area have two options: walk to the K/T line or take bus shuttles along M-line to West Portal,” said Rose. “Our crews are working hard to clear the tracks and get the train running again.”

The derailment comes on the heels of SFMTA’s announcement of new plans for a subway M-Ocean View line. Once underground, the train line would suffer less frequent delays, according to the project’s lead manager Liz Brisson.

More public meetings on the proposed subway will be held next week.