07 Nov 2018

Get Live hits The Depot stage tomorrow for a hip-hop concert

The Depot will be hosting Get Live! A hip-hop concert performed by SF State students and a local artist. SF State’s very own Jay “Bombay” Bodii, who will be hosting

15 Oct 2018

Travis Scott: A rager for a new generation

“‘99 took Astroworld, it had to relocate – Told the dogs I’d bring it back; it was a seal of faith,” proclaims Travis Scott on his track “Stargazing” off his

18 Sep 2018

Rolling Loud takes on the Bay Area

The all-around hyphy nature the Bay Area is known for returned to the Oakland Coliseum for the third annual Rolling Loud Festival. The festival drew in a powerhouse of names

06 Sep 2018

Hiero Day honors the hip-hop community

Hyphy beats, marijuana smoke and good vibes filled downtown Oakland this Labor Day as people of all ages from all over the Bay Area attended the seventh annual Hiero Day

15 Mar 2018

Lil boat, big problems

The self-proclaimed “King of Teens,” Lil Yachty, has been at the forefront of today’s hip-hop discussions since his single “One Night” went viral and catapulted him into the social media

15 Feb 2018

Scripts and soundscapes

As someone who doesn’t watch many movies, I couldn’t give the most informed answer as to how diverse and meaningful soundtracks are to films. What I do know is that

14 Feb 2018

Rappers ditch lean to bring awareness

Codeine, also known as lean, has been sensationalized by the rap community making it popular with college students. An SF State student, who would like to remain anonymous, said the

15 Dec 2017

25 years later, still dope

I always wondered if Dr. Dre was a philosopher when I was younger but now I finally understand what the Doc meant when he said, “This is dedicated to the

17 Oct 2017

Mumble rap or crumbling rap?

I once protected hip hop’s values –– I was the one championing supreme lyricism. My favorite rapper is Lupe Fiasco, so if anyone wasn’t in that same wordplay stratosphere, I

19 Apr 2017

Kendrick Lamar’s album is just what America needs to hear

Once again, a dim light is brightened by Kendrick Lamar. In a time when it’s needed most, his thought process on what is currently happening to and within the black

18 Apr 2017

SFSU Breakers break it down at UCBL 2017

SFSU Breakers faced off against its first major break dancing competition in the 11th annual Unified Collegiate Breaking League at Danzhaus Dance Center in San Francisco on March 25, 2017.

18 Apr 2017

Battle of the bands at SF State

Associated Students of San Francisco State University hosted the battle of the bands in The Depot Tuesday, April 11 as the second event of the 7th annual Rhythms Fusic Festival.

01 Mar 2016

SF State’s Hip Hop State of Mind aims to educate

[slideshow_deploy id=’70929′] Students huddled around on Monday during an event held by the student organization Hip Hop State of Mind along with a Bay Area Grassroots organization, HipHopForChange, Inc. Break-dancers

23 Feb 2016

Kanye’s ego shines through on new album

Kanye West has unapologetically put his ego on full blast in his new album, “The Life of Pablo.” I’m not one who agrees with everything he says or does, but

03 Feb 2016

Student DJ mixes music and academics

Dazzling colored lights illuminated the dance floor, strobe lights flickered and sound waves of throwback hip hop ricocheted off the walls. Gilbert Adam Guillen, a 21-year-old SF State student, had the crowd

10 Nov 2015

New student group brings hip-hop culture to campus

On a glowing TV set in a quiet living room in Gothenburg, Sweden, an MC dressed in a black turtleneck and trench coat strutted across the screen. A small, 10-year-old girl sat transfixed

26 Apr 2014

Panel talks on educating students through contemporary hip-hop

Students might expect a hip-hop class to focus on top 40s, but SF State’s hip-hop course went underground with a special lecture on hip-hop that included satire, interdisciplinary art, education