12 Nov 2013

The Taser debate should stop, says Xpress news editor

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta The entire dispute over Tasers is ridiculous and needs to end so we can move on to more important things. SF State President Leslie E. Wong

07 Nov 2013

University replaces 3,000 locks after loss of master keys

The entire block of housing units in University Park North and the Towers at Centennial Square were re-keyed last week after two master keys opening about 3,000 resident’s doors were

29 Oct 2013

Missing Towers and UPN master key places hundreds of residents at risk

[set_id=72157637109792654] A master key that opens doors to every apartment and dorm room in University Park North (UPN) and the Towers at Centennial Square is missing after a theft, SF

22 Oct 2013

The end of the BART strike frees Bay Area from commuting stress

The BART strike is over and the 30,000 students, faculty and staff at SF State, along with the rest of the Bay Area, can finally rest easy knowing trains will

18 Oct 2013

SF State endures day one of BART strike

Friday, commuters across the Bay Area awoke to the painful realization that this was day one of a BART strike. Union representatives announced Thursday night their employees would walk off

17 Oct 2013

BART strike approaches: Walkout at midnight

BART trains will not run Friday after unions announced their intention to strike earlier today after a marathon 30-hour bargaining session. Talks between labor and management negotiators broke down and

15 Oct 2013

Transit talks continue to threaten students’ commutes

SF State students and faculty, along with the rest of the Bay Area, anxiously await the outcome of the BART negotiations as labor talks continue to drag on and commuters

08 Oct 2013

BART strike threatens students’ Friday commute

As labor talks continue between BART management and its unions, commuters across the Bay Area look for different ways to commute — and that includes SF State students like 24-year-old Danielle

25 Sep 2013

Suspect arrested in killing of SF State student Justin Valdez

A 30-year-old man was arrested outside his Oceanview home Tuesday, in connection to the shooting death of SF State student Justin Valdez. Valdez, a 20-year-old SF State sophomore, was shot

04 Sep 2013

CSU Chancellor White tours SF State

CSU Chancellor Timothy White attended an SF State faculty reception Tuesday followed by a free reception for students at the Village on Centennial Square Courtyard outside Subway for a meet and

28 Aug 2013

Bay Bridge closes for rest of holiday weekend

The San Francisco Bay Bridge will be closed this week from Wednesday night at 8 p.m. until Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. causing traffic nightmares for residents and SF State

27 Aug 2013

CCSF’s accreditation crisis affects potential transfers

Like the other 80,000 students at City College of San Francisco, 21-year-old Giselle Rouede had faith that her school would remain open so she took time off from her education

25 May 2013

Xpress recommends these San Francisco summer destinations

Now that the stress from finals is finally over, SF State students may wonder what to do with their free time this summer. Across campus students are packing up their dorm

22 May 2013

Theft at Stonestown leads to arrests on campus

Two people were arrested on SF State campus yesterday afternoon after they stole a laptop from a mall shopper, then fled to campus, according to University authorities. Three people stole

17 May 2013

SF Commune activists protest dorm arrests at SF State

[HTML7] [HTML6] SF Commune activists and SF State students gathered at Malcolm X Plaza today in protest of “police brutality” during the removal and arrest of six non-residents from Mary