BART strike approaches: Walkout at midnight

BART trains will not run Friday after unions announced their intention to strike earlier today after a marathon 30-hour bargaining session.

Talks between labor and management negotiators broke down and the federal mediator, George Cohen, headed home after failing to bring the two sides together. The strike will start at midnight.

After both sides agreed to increase worker pension and health care contributions talks broke down over pay increases and working rules.

SF State sent out a mass email Thursday night reminding students, faculty and staff that it has already laid contingency plans including a free bus service from the East Bay, overflow parking at UA Stonestown and limited overnight accommodations.

Many of these offers are planned to start Monday and students affected by the transit strike are encouraged to visit the University’s business continuity page for more information.

The University isn’t the only one preparing for the coming transit crisis, however. BART has rented 200 busses it plans to use to move commuters across the Bay Bridge and drivers can expect expanded car pool lanes.