Twitch streamer, Ninja, boosts esports

September 25, 2018 Latest Sports

Professional gamers and athletes typically don’t coincide with one another in the same sentence, but in 2018, the pair are starting to become widely accepted amongst the sports world. If you don’t know what “Fortnite” is, just ask any 10-year-old. Chances are they’ll know exactly what you’re asking about and might even mention some kind ...

League of Gaming scores Esports sponsors

September 12, 2017 Life 3 Comments

Part video game social club, part competitive video game organization, SF State’s League of Gaming hopes to continue to grow this semester while developing partnerships with current and new esports sponsors. Esports, the formal term for professional competitive gaming, has quickly gained popularity around the world and is now a multi-million dollar industry. Sports Illustrated ...

Gaming is good for your health

December 13, 2012 Opinion

It started with “Pong.” A simple game of table tennis on a black and white TV screen. Two lines represent paddles and a square dot for the ball. Nerds rejoiced as gaming fever hit the world in 1972. The gaming industry has come a long way since then. Social media has opened up the world ...