15 Dec 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: Final fashion tips

The time has come for me to sashay away. It’s been a great semester telling you about the latest fashion trends, the do’s and don’ts and sharing my knowledge on

08 Dec 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: Finding the right holiday dress for you

We want to look our best during the holidays — especially single ladies. So get into the mindset of looking sharp. The hunt is on for that perfect holiday dress.

01 Dec 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: 'Revive' fashion show takes dark spin on fairy tales

Fairy tales are a part of everyone’s childhood, but the Fashion Network Association’s leading designer Iris Chu has turned it into reality. Chu’s collection will feature a dark color palette

17 Nov 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: Lingerie enhances intimacy, seduction

Shopping for lingerie can be daunting, but don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet. Lingerie is not only an important staple in a woman’s life, but in her

10 Nov 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: How to update your clothes with hardware

If you’re looking for some attention this season, ditch the pretty girl tulle and go get some studs. And I’m not talking about hunky men. This fall, hardware fashion rules.

03 Nov 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: How first lady fashion could attract voters

This season, voters are looking for someone who has mastered public speaking and has a strong public image — and perhaps a better half with a good sense of fashion.

27 Oct 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: Ditch those ugly UGGs

It’s beginning to get colder out there and it’s natural to want to keep your feet warm, but remember — UGGs are just short for uggly. For some reason, girls

20 Oct 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: Go bold with oxblood

Step aside, gamboge orange. There’s a new color on the block and it’s bold. The hottest hues for the fall right now are a showcase of darker tones and shades.

13 Oct 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: The hottest styles just a click away when shopping online

It’s easy to swipe your credit card on those PIN pad machines at the register, but it’s easier still to punch in those 16 digits from your card at your

06 Oct 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: Why skinny jeans lower sperm count

Fashion has a cost — and I’m not talking about the price tag. The skinny jean trend is infecting the world, spreading beyond hipster and punk rock fashion scenes — but

29 Sep 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: The time is now to rock a watch

The ticking of a second hand through a chronograph face is a reflection of the modern man. As collectible works of art, watches with 24-hour and date subdials pair well

22 Sep 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: Strike a pose in eco-friendly clothing

It looks like “organic fiber” is the new black when it comes to fashion. Ladies, think twice before buying those cute simple cotton tanks from your go-to store. And gentlemen,

01 Sep 2012

The Fashion Blueprint: keeping back-to-school fashion simple

It’s not easy pulling a figure-flattering outfit from a messy closet when you’re late for school. Don’t decide between your dad’s vintage button-up and your mom’s snagged knitted sweater. Drop