SFSU students gathered at Malcolm X Plaza to make signs to prepare for the upcoming rally on Sep. 9, 2023 (Adriana Hernandez / Golden Gate Xpress)
SFSU students gathered at Malcolm X Plaza to make signs to prepare for the upcoming rally on Sep. 9, 2023 (Adriana Hernandez / Golden Gate Xpress)
Adriana Hernandez

SFSU students prepare to rally against CSU tuition increase proposal

CSU Board of Trustees is set to vote on the proposal this week on Sept. 12 in Long Beach

“Fight The Hike” posters circulate throughout the campus of San Francisco State University, spreading the word about a rally happening on Monday, Sept. 11, at Malcolm X Plaza at noon. The rally is opposing the proposed 6% tuition increase up to vote by the CSU Board of Trustees this week.

A coalition between the League of Filipino Students, Movimiento Estudiantil para Liberación de las Américas, Young Democratic Socialists of America and Associated Students are collaborating to host a gathering of students to voice their opinions about the proposal at the planned rally.

“Something that the CSU fears is the unity of students,” said Camila Dominguez, co-chair of YDSA. “Letting the CSU know that a large consensus of students throughout CSU campuses are not okay with this [the tuition increase] will potentially show them that students do care about these issues and that the decision that they make will affect all of us.”

According to Dominguez, YDSA has been tabling for the past two weeks and has gathered over a thousand written and electronic signatures.

“LFS, YDSA and MELA have been phone banking, from the phone numbers that we’ve gotten from the petition, to try and mobilize students to come out on Monday,” Dominguez said.

Isabel Parrado writes on a sign, “students only have to work 3 more hours a week!” quoting Nathan Evans, Department Chancellor CSU Board of Trustees, preparing for the rally on Sep. 9, 2023, at Malcolm X Plaza. (Adriana Hernandez / Golden Gate Xpress) (Adriana Hernandez)

Phone banking is the process of calling those who’ve signed petitions to get them involved in the upcoming rally.

From noon. to 1 p.m., speeches are planned to take place from organization members and leaders. Student organizations also plan to march to the Administration building afterward.

“Nobody wants their tuition raised. As a first-generation American and student, that money is a big deal to my family,” said Isabel Parrado, a member of MELA. “It adds another layer of uncertainty to my future education, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I think that the CSU community –– especially SF State –– feels that we can all [graduate and] make it. It is a success for all of us.”

YDSA and LFS had funding approved of $2,500 from the California Faculty Association at an e-board meeting on Sept. 8 to support students traveling to Long Beach, where the Board of Trustees meeting is taking place, to voice their opposition against the tuition increase, according to Alexandra Bartas, member of LFS and senior at SFSU.

“15 people are confirmed to go as of now, but we are expecting five to 10 others,” said Bartas. “The bus is leaving Monday at 7 p.m., and LFS members traveling by car will be reimbursed by their organization to go down to Long Beach.”

Nine members from LFS are planning on traveling to Long Beach by carpooling.

“6% is a lot of money. The CSU Board is asking students for more money rather than lobbying the state for a larger cut of the general fund, and I think that’s really the underlying problem of it all,” said Felix Roselle, a member of LFS traveling to Long Beach. “Student facilities are in shambles. The dorms are in disrepair, several departments are forced to cut classes, there are fewer services available for students, and now tuition and fees are already so expensive. Students simply can’t afford to pay anymore.”

San Jose State University, East Bay, Sacramento State and other student organizers are expected to be present at the board meeting in Long Beach.

Esteven Guzman, San Jose State’s AS director of legislative affairs, has confirmed that SJSU will be attending the Board of Trustees meeting.

A programmed rally is being planned on Tuesday at Long Beach hosted by the CFA and Students for Quality Education during the board meeting.

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