Forkin' Frisco: Culinary contrasts South of Market

Forkin' Frisco: Culinary contrasts South of Market

Forkin’ SoMa

The South Of Market district, otherwise known as SoMa, is a neighborhood of contrasts. It experienced a fair amount of growth during the height of the tech boom and continues to attract a large number of start ups and entrepreneurs. Sprinkled within condos, businesses and nightclubs are some really great eats, you just may have to look a little harder to find them in this neighborhood.


Pinkie’s Bakery
1196 Folsom St.

Pinkies hasn’t been in the neighborhood too long, but when you come bearing treats like bacon and cheddar brioche and sea salt chocolate cake you’re sure to be a hit. If the ultra-sweet isn’t your taste they also have an array of delicious breads.


Deli Board
1058 Folsom St.

This spot delivers some killer sandwiches for $10 and under, and they aren’t your regular turkey and swiss cheese. The menu changes daily but portions are always generous. Ingredients include combinations of their signature spreads and sauces and the best gourmet meats.


1123 Folsom St.

This restaurant boasts an upscale dining room as well as a cafe and takeout counter but both are low key and welcoming. The food is a combination of classic French and American. Be sure to try the fried chicken.


Crepes A Go Go
350 11th St.

This truck was pumping out crepes from their nook between buildings way before food trucks became trendy. Mainly serving to the nightclub crowd, the truck opens at 6 p.m. and doesn’t stop slinging the Nutella covered creations until way after the bars close.