Forkin' Frisco: The Sunset District's hidden gems

Forkin' Frisco: The Sunset District's hidden gems

Forkin’ Sunset

When you think of the Sunset neighborhood, images that come to mind are likely of a quiet suburban neighborhood filled with fog and ample parking. Because of its proximity to SF State, many students find their home here as well. And while the Sunset isn’t widely regarded as a restaurant destination, those familiar with the area know of its culinary gems.


Donut World
1399 9th Ave.

Most people only know this place as “that 24-hour donut place.” A neighborhood institution, Donut World has built a reputation on the most stable foundation of all: delicious, mouth watering apple fritters.


Arizmendi Bakery
1331 9th Ave.

Though this bakery primarily sells handmade bread and baked goods, they also dish out a different slice of gourmet pizza each day. Supporting a cooperative-owned business is another draw for fans of the bakery.


Cajun Pacific
4542 Irving St.

There is something naturally romantic about tiny restaurants. This one barely seats two dozen people, so like it or not you’re going to get cozy with your date, which coincidentally makes sharing a plate of deep fried shrimp-stuffed quail even easier.


4001 Judah St.

Walking into this driftwood-paneled restaurant feels like climbing into the treehouse you always dreamed of as a kid. The only difference is you probably never dreamed of being served oxtail gnocchi once you were inside.