Forkin' Frisco: Unique eats in the Tenderloin

Forkin' Frisco: Unique eats in the Tenderloin

Forkin’ Tenderloin

For many, mentioning the Tenderloin conjures up images of a rough neighborhood. While it may have its problems, the Tenderloin also has a rich history and complex ethnic makeup. It’s ethnic and social diversity means there are a number of unique and largely unknown restaurants in the neighborhood.


Hooker’s Sweet Treats
442 Hyde St.

This shop sells their signature chocolate salted caramels through some of the swankiest outlets in the city. Head to their ‘loin store for treats like pineapple bread pudding and spicy chai tea.


Saigon Sandwich
560 Larkin St.

Anyone familiar with Vietnamese cuisine most likely knows the simple pleasures of the bahn mi sandwich. While they’re easy to find in this city, there is something special about this place. It’s probably the roasted and hand carved pork


Fino Restaurant
624 Post St.

Top notch service and lots of candlelight fill this intimate restaurant. The menu focuses on familiar Italian dishes and ingredients, so you can spend more time staring into the eyes of your date than worrying about what to order, go with a classic.


580 Geary St.

On first impression, Millennium seems like your run of the mill fine dining restaurant. So what makes it a wildcard? One look at the menu reveals that everything on it is vegan or vegetarian. Not that you’d notice; the food blows away most other vegan and non-vegan fare.