Make 19th and Holloway Avenues safe for pedestrians

Crossing the intersection of 19th and Holloway Avenues can be dangerous no matter whether you’re on your own two feet or four wheels.

It’s time to make the intersection that is a transportation hub for Muni, the SF State shuttle, buses, pedestrians and cars safe for all.

On Sept. 9 Mo Mariscal, the 2nd baseman for the SF State baseball team was hit by a car while crossing the street at 19th and Holloway avenues at about 9:30 p.m. He spent 3 weeks in the intensive care unit.

All institutions and organizations that play a role in protecting the University’s 12,000 commuters should step up to make a change.

Crossing guards who work at the intersection, which is only two miles away from a freeway entrance, have voiced concerns such as increasing the volume of the street signals for the deaf, installing a street light and getting a left-turn arrow at the traffic light.

The city should take notice and listen to the crossing guards since they work two to four hour shifts and facilitate the flow of traffic repeatedly throughout the day. The University should take charge of this plight and make the arrival and departure point of most of the population of this commuter campus population.

Whatever the financial cost it would be is far less then the cost of losing another life.

On Oct. 14, 2008 Mark Buck died in a motorcycle accident from fatal head injuries when he collided with a car at the intersection.

At two nearby intersections, between 2008-09, there have been 17 injury collisions and between 2007-2009 these spots were two of only 12 in San Francisco that had 16 or more injury collisions.

What else do voters and the city need to know to make the correct moves at 19th and Holloway avenues?

Make it happen before another accident does.