Forkin' Frisco: Don't let appearances fool you in the Excelsior

Forkin' Frisco: Don't let appearances fool you in the Excelsior


Pacitas Salvadorian Bakery
10 Persia Ave.

There’s nothing better than a lightly sweetened pan dulce to indulge in during an afternoon break. This mom-and-pop bakery churns up delicious, authentic Salvadorian baked goods all day long. Its best-seller, the vibrant red and delightfully sweet guava cookies, will satiate anyone’s pastry fix.


Crazy Pepper
2257 San Jose Ave.

Despite its tacky strip joint name and dingy exterior, this restaurant is a Chinese fast food purveyor with an affordable menu that doesn’t disappoint. Check out the honey walnut prawns lunch special that comes with an egg roll, steamed rice and sweet and sour soup.


Taqueria Guadalajara
4798 Mission St.

This little corner restaurant definitely has a charm all its own. The taco al pastor with avocado, sour cream, pinto beans and spit-grilled pork will make any taco lover swoon. For an added bonus, Spanish novelas are always playing on television to spice up the mood.


Batter Up
888 Geneva Ave.

These aren’t those rubbery Foster Farms microwaveable corn dogs you’ve grown to love; these are made-to-order meat treats on a stick. Sporting a graffitied exterior, this food stand serves up a bevy of proteins, from Louisiana hot link to lemon chicken. For indecisive eaters, get the Triple Play, where you choose any three types of links skewered together and battered.