Forkin' Frisco: Guide to eating at SF State

For students who just don’t have the time to venture out into the city, there are plenty of tasty options on campus to indulge in at a fairly cheap price. From organic hotdogs at Underdog, to five-star quality meals at The Vista Room, the restaurants on campus generally cater to a student’s strict budget, while satisfying even the most sophisticated palate.


Golden Waffle
SFSU Farmers Market

The aroma of caramelized sugar and iron-flipped Liége waffles seems to permeate the Humanities Building every Thursday. These waffles, a thicker and sweeter version of the traditional Belgian waffle, are best served with a generous layer of whipped cream and a dollop of Nutella.


Natural Sensation
Cesar Chavez Student Center

This cafe is arguably one of the best go-to spots for getting food on the go, and is definitely the best way to get a whole wheat bagel with hummus for cheap. Try it out with their Pacific smoothie, which is a perfect blend of tartness and sweetness from the raspberries and strawberries.


The Vista Room
Burk Hall

With excellent service and a three-course meal for only $15, it’s hard to believe this student-run restaurant is for a class located on the fourth floor of Burk Hall. Their menu changes weekly, but be sure to catch the braised short ribs bourguignon served with creme fraiche carrot mashed potatoes.


Cesar Chavez Plaza

This newly-opened hotdog joint sure has a lot to prove. With an all-organic menu featuring vegan dogs, this establishment caters to carnivores and herbivores alike. Be sure to try their mouth-puckering Spicy Italian or their savory Underdog for a quick and easy lunch at an affordable price.