VIDEO: Sitting down with mash-up artist The Hood Internet

Xpress News sat down with one-half of Chicago-based production duo The Hood Internet, Steve Reidell, just before he hit the Annex stage to perform during the second day of the Rhythms Music Festival presented by ASI.

Reidell and sidekick Aaron Brink produce mash-up tracks using hip-hop and indie rock songs, from artists such as Kanye West and Snoop Dogg to The Shins.

Reidell and Brink were in a band together in 2007, when they decided to start sampling and mixing tracks and compiling them on a blog.

Reidell talked about how he goes about finding songs for mash-ups, future tour plans and explained about a website he and Brink curate called Album Tacos, where they combine images of tacos and iconic album covers.