VIDEO: An interview with Grieves and Budo at the Rhythms Music Festival at SF State

They don’t always work together, but the combination is working out nicely. Grieves is a quick-spitting storyteller, while Budo paints a soundscape with an array of beats and instruments.

They’re both from Seattle, but they didn’t link up until 2008. Now, they’re gearing up for a European tour before they come back to San Francisco June 2 at Slims. Their charismatic performance stems from their rough life-experiences filtered through a witty sense of humor, and the result is a likeable pair with music that’s even more agreeable.

They sat down to talk with the Golden Gate Xpress before hitting the stage at the second annual Rhythms Music Festival presented by ASI. From bargain sweaters to lessons on the Civil War, these guys can crack a joke about anything.