Forkin' Frisco: Adventurous dining options in Bernal Heights

Perched at the top of a steep incline, this quaint little neighborhood doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, which adds to the pleasantly relaxing vibe that permeates Cortland Street, its main thoroughfare. Though this residential area is anything but touristy, it offers a large variety of ethnic eateries that would satiate anyone’s adventurous taste buds.

Sweet Tooth

Sandbox Bakery

833 Cortland Ave.

As its name implies, this bakery sports a youthful theme for children and adults alike. Small batches of freshly baked pastries are made throughout the day to ensure freshness. Be sure to try the delectable kashi pan, which has a challah-like texture, filled with negi (green onion) and miso paste.

Cheap Eats

Paulie’s Pickling

331 Cortland St.

Owned by a couple of pickle enthusiasts, this deli shop offers a large variety of pickled products, from its briny and crunchy garlic dill pickles to its zesty original pickles. And if pickles aren’t your thing, the “not from a can” tuna salad sandwich would be a formidable pick for only $8.50.



830 Cortland Ave.

This neighborhood favorite is a dynamic tapas bar that boasts a menu of authentic Peruvian cuisine accompanied with a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The tapas offerings include the flavorful palta rellena, a half avocado stuffed with sautéed chicken and veggies, and the highlight: bolitas de yucca, crispy yucca balls stuffed with ham and cheese.


Angkor Borei Restaurant

3471 Mission St.

This unassuming restaurant is a proficient purveyor of authentic Cambodian cuisine. Standouts include the spicy, yet smooth pumpkin curry consisting of al dente green beans, red peppers, zucchini and tofu and also the ginger beef, which is served with sautéed onions, celery and fresh mushrooms.