The Fashion Blueprint: keeping back-to-school fashion simple

It’s not easy pulling a figure-flattering outfit from a messy closet when you’re late for school. Don’t decide between your dad’s vintage button-up and your mom’s snagged knitted sweater. Drop those garments and step back. This weekly style consultant is here to help you make a good impression the first week of school.

Here’s a cheat sheet to study for basic back-to-school trends. Let’s keep it bold and basic.

Nothing says effortless better than simplicity. Monochromatic looks made up of one color scheme are sleek and sharp.

Ladies, a casual floral tank with some high-waited white denim is fresh and easy. Not only is it simple, it’s bright enough to make it to class without looking like a dingy mop.

Want to make your outfit scream? Nothing yells out “Look at my pants!” quite like a pair of jet-black leggings or some colored denim, especially when topped with an oversized mesh sweater. This will give a more polished look that still keeps a breezy summer vibe — without looking clammy.

Tribal patterns — a series of geometric shapes, lines and colors in a rippled form — are something you can’t avoid. It’s been huge this past season and the trend continues.
Don’t own prints? Opt out for a knitted tunic. Go for solid knits for a more luxe look.

Gentlemen, please save the graphic tees and the shabby pullover sweater for a rainy day. Don’t blow it on the first day with a wrinkled shirt you have yet to iron.

Plaid shirts and button-ups are pleasing to the eye. Even a basic pocket tee tucked into fitted chinos will transform you from a dinghy to a dreamboat that all the ladies will be clamoring to board!

Or try black or heather-grey henleys. Throw on a destructed jean jacket to add some style without looking stale. This is an outfit guys can put in their regular rotation — fast, cool and comfortable.

Plaid shorts, rhinestone graphics and the loose-fitting baggy jeans are fashion fails for both sexes. These are tacky looks whose time has come and gone — there’s a reason why they should stay in the past.

Push your style boundaries and try something different. Show some color, rock those textures and don’t lose that high-octane shot of style. Get ready for a stylish semester.