The Fashion Blueprint: Learning how to layer for the fall

It’s getting colder, but the sun is still here. Do you know what that means? Fall fashion!

This season is all about layers. You might be afraid that layers are thick and heavy. It’s time to get that out of your system.

The trick to layering is to find pieces that are light and create slimming silhouettes. These are ways to show bold layers without feeling like you’re wearing bricks.

Your goal should be to keep it light, but make a heavy statement. Impress with a quarter-sleeve slub tee — for the calm — or rock an embellished top if you’re feeling crazy. Pull over a loose cardigan and chances are you won’t catch a dirty cold.

There’s never enough sun for the ladies to pull off a daytime look.

Without having to guess, wrap your legs in some black tights and slip them through some tailored mint-colored denim shorts. When it’s cold, no one wants to see your blown up goose bumps. Finish it off with a pair of high heeled wing-tip brogue lace-ups to add a leaner and sexier look.

A girl should never wear too many accessories. You don’t want to damage someone’s retina with all the bling you’re wearing. A tip for my fashionably impaired friends, never wear dangly earrings with a flashy necklace. You are not an Egyptian goddess.

Add cute details, like a stone or a paved metal dome ring with a cross body bag. A chain strap usually catches the attention with those minor details.

Guys, you look best when layered. A cool, casual denim button-up over a V-neck always makes the girls melt — even on a cold day. A thick collared flap shawl cardigan is a perfect layer. The open shawl neckline gives great detail around the neck, showing a hint of the denim collar eliminating that suffocated look.

Dark denim straight or slim-fit jeans pull the whole figure together & it will make you look sleek and hot. The tailoring makes everything continuous. Slip into some casual laced shoes or kick it up a notch with some weathered boots. If you’re planning to wear slippers or sandals for this outfit, you’re obviously not seasoned for this fall.

Don’t let fall intimidate your look in the morning. Your styling consultant is here to help whisk you around your wardrobe to help you pull something out for next week!