The Fashion Blueprint: To wear heels or not to wear heels?

All right fashion fanatics, take a chic step forward. Wearing heels and workin’ it like a runway is a gift, but deciding between breaking necks or breaking ankles can be tough.

Style over comfort is one thing people stress in fashion, but before you plan on walking in fancy 6-inchers, realize the damage that can be done — and we’re not talking about breaking your bank.

“Long-term high heel use has been found to shorten medial gastrocnemius muscle fascicles (calf muscles) and increase Achilles tendon stiffness,” according to the “Journal of Applied Physiology.”

Wearing heels like wedges or stilettos forces your foot into a 90 degree angle, which is what doctors call a plantar-flexed position. Basically, you’re creating stress by standing on your tiptoes. The longer you wear heels, the more stiffness you put on your ankles and calves muscles.

Too add to the stress, walking in heels too often or improperly can cause even more long-term damage. Women who pick up their feet when sashaying through the halls to create that sexy, bold click are probably clenching their teeth from the scorching agony of their toes.

But when you do slide your feet into those 6-inch heels laced with sparkle appliqués, be sure to bring something comfy in case your ankle bones shatter. Don’t be afraid when your shoe hates you. It’s OK to wear something lower to avoid that pain.

Even though there is the high risk of pain and discomfort, women still love the sexy look of a stylish pair of heels, said Chrystal Cortez, shoe saleswomen at Nordstrom.

“They care more about what the shoe can do to make them look good,” she said.

So next time you see the perfect pair, ask that question that boggles every trendy student’s mind: “Am I willing to cram my feet for looks and beauty?”

Whether you grab shoes to emphasize your presence or shoes to protect you from whimpering in pain, zip up, stand tall and work it like a runway.