VIDEO: SF State spices up Noise Complaint with Latin flavor

Sweaty bodies, blazing trumpets and twirling hips all come together at Noise Complaint: Fiesta.

The school dance party, organized by Student Life took place Sept. 22 at the Library Annex II at SF State. While Noise Complaint normally plays Top 40 hits and hip-hop, this “Fiesta” edition offered Merengue, Salsa and Latin music.

Noise Complaint started at 10 p.m and ended at 1:30 a.m.

Joseph Greenwell, dean of students, heard that students wished there was a little more diversity in the music selection for the monthly dance party.

“I reached out to student leaders on campus to ask if they were interested in working with the Student Life Initiative to help plan the upcoming Noise Complaint: Fiesta event,” Greenwell said. “They were exited to do so, and we have been planning the event the past several months.”

David Antonio Blancarte, better known as DJ Riskamuerte, played at the party. His friend told him that SF State was planning on throwing a party with a Latin theme.

“I think the best way to describe my music is as “all killer, no filler,'” Blancarte said. “Since I play so many different genres of music, I have to chose the best most danceable songs I can find of each one. I’ve tried dancing at my own events. I can’t even hang. It’s like a climax that just keeps building.”

Bryan Vo contributed to this report.