The Fashion Blueprint: Why skinny jeans lower sperm count

Fashion has a cost — and I’m not talking about the price tag.

The skinny jean trend is infecting the world, spreading beyond hipster and punk rock fashion scenes — but if the jeans are too tight, you may be checking yourself in at the doctor’s office.

According to Karen Boyle, a specialist in urology at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, men have to face the fact that tight jeans reduce airflow around the crotch, resulting in higher genital temperatures. Sadly, a negative side effect of warmer balls is a lower sperm count.

In addition, fungal infections are also consequences of skin-tight denim. Tight pants can even cause numbness and nerve compression, according to Boyle.

Despite the supposed health risks, it’s safe to say men will continue sporting the trend. Skinny jeans are a unisex item — but should they be?

“I think women should be the only ones wearing tight pants,” said Adam Prazer, salesman for Lucky Brand. “It doesn’t look right on guys and it also looks very uncomfortable for men and their private areas.”

Some say it’s not a matter of gender, but age.

“Skinny jeans work well with younger adults and you see a lot more older adults wearing boot cut or loose-fitting jeans,” said Alyssa Nevarez, jeans saleswoman at Lucky Brand. “It all depends on the person’s preference of comfortability as well.”

Wearing a pair of skinny jeans does not necessarily mean you’re in the “scene,” nor does it make you any more of a self-spirited hipster. The look just means you have an eye for fashion and you’re in tune with the fad.

“Hipster fashion has been in effect for a few years now with the tight, fitted jeans and overall clothing style,” communications major Nate Garley said. “I like it to an extent, and I feel like a lot of people just try way too hard and look stupid.”

If you’re looking for something to tighten up, make it your style, not your jeans.