The Fashion Blueprint: The hottest styles just a click away when shopping online

It’s easy to swipe your credit card on those PIN pad machines at the register, but it’s easier still to punch in those 16 digits from your card at your home computer in your pajamas. Who wants to get up from the chair and go to multiple stores to try stuff on? The power of a zoom button is good enough.

According to digital marketing blog Econsultancy, almost half of consumers who shop for clothes prefer to do it online and 64 percent consult a fashion retailer’s website before making a purchase.

Sounds like a big chunk of sassy shoppers who stay at home would rather scroll through pages of inventory than racks at the store. If you’re a good online shopper, you know how to look for good deals for a cheaper price. You can split between websites and shop from multiple stores at once, at any given time. With multichannel shopping habits, 55 percent prefer to do this online, according to ecommerce and interactive marketing services firm GSI commerce.

Plenty of students on campus prefer to shop online rather than dragging themselves to the store. With the latest trends and larger inventory available at their fingertips online, students who are on a budget are spending more time shopping virtually.

“It doesn’t make me feel like spending money when I shop online because I’m not physically grabbing handfuls of clothes,” Kailey Lopez, hospitality and tourism management major, said. “On average, I shop for at least three hours online and spend about $200 on clothes.”

Three hours online feels like three minutes when you’re scrolling through pages of the latest styles of tops and bottoms.

“It’s one of the easiest things to do and I don’t have to deal with waiting in long lines or nasty people,” Zara customer Jesse Barrera said. “If my friends or family are around, I can use their credit card, buy stuff online and pay them back.”

With the latest trends to fill your online shopping cart, push that basket to checkout, charge that little plastic card and everything will ship directly to your doorstep. It’s just clicks away.