The Fashion Blueprint: Go bold with oxblood

Step aside, gamboge orange. There’s a new color on the block and it’s bold. The hottest hues for the fall right now are a showcase of darker tones and shades. But there is one blistering color that is catching the most attention on the run­way and in retail stores this fall — it’s red’s ultra sexy cousin, oxblood.

Oxblood is a dark, deep red along the lines of reddish brown, almost like red wine through a crystal glass or chocolate mashed with strawberries. With a mix of scarlet and burgundy, oxblood is drenched with a dramatic pop that keeps your eyes peeled. The oxblood color is not too stuffy and pairs well with darker tones, black leather or simply the tone by itself.

But where did the color oxblood come from? Apparently, you can con­coct this stunning color, and you won’t have to chase an ox around with a knife.

The red pigment can be gained by a few hours of boiling the emaciated roots of a Dogwood tree, according to the Tailors & Seamstresses of Mar­rach, an organization dedicated to clothing fabrics and coloring. The very dark oxblood color cast can be slapped onto a garment that’s treated with mordant, a substance used in binding or dyeing to fix the coloring matter.

“Aside from the deep teal, oxblood is splashed all over fashion right now,” Emily Emig, apparel de­sign and merchandising major, said. “I started shopping more purposely for that color and since it’s so bold, I couldn’t wait to rock the oxblood.”

Oxblood is this year’s Halloween orange. Make it bloody, but don’t overdo it. Treat oxblood like you’re cooking with a chili pepper, a little goes a long way. Don’t make it a main focus because that would give too much energy — and we all know we don’t like someone who’s too much.

This saturated color adds depth to this season’s earthy shades and jewel tones. Oxblood is not overly mas­culine and can be neatly done with houndstooth or thick polka-dot prints.
From leather jackets to dresses to chunky scarves, it’s this season must-have color for both genders.

“Oxblood can definitely be a color for the conservative folks who aren’t confident to wear electric red,” said Emig, who noted this year’s fashion show theme at SF State in Decem­ber, hosted by FNA, will somewhat revolve around oxblood.

As a blend of a plum lipstick and a sheer, bubbly merlot, this vampy hue is everywhere and it’s here to stay.

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    SamOct 22, 2012 at 2:31 am

    I’ve never heard of the colour ‘Oxblood’ before ?

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The Fashion Blueprint: Go bold with oxblood